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Complaint Process


If the complaint is a verbal complaint, the coordinator logs that a verbal complaint has been made and asks that the caller forward a written statement. To expedite the quality incidence process, we ask that the statement be faxed to our corporate office.


If the complaint is a written complaint the following steps are taken:

1. A quality incident file is opened and a copy of the complaint is immediately faxed to the Quality Improvement Committee Chairman, the payor and the provider.

2. If the quality of the complaint concerns clinical care, the issue requires an immediate response often with referral intervention at the network level within 24 hours by RADCON. If the quality of the complaint does not concern clinical care, the Provider must investigate and respond, in writing to the corporate office within one week.

3. The RADCON Corporate office faxes copy of written response back to Quality Improvement Committee Chairman and payer contact.

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